Bespoke, Design Your Own Custom Bling Browbands | Brilliance Gala by Beasties™

Brilliance Custom Browbands Gala - Design Your Own Gorgeous Browband Using Genuine Swarovski Crystals.

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*Note: Custom browbands are made to order. Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for these custom-made browbands. Ship times can vary depending on Crystal Availability.

Design Your Own, Custom Browbands from the Brilliance Gala. 

Now Made with Genuine Preciosa Crystals.

 "People will stare.  Make it worth their while."                                   - Harry Winston

The affordability, quality and simplicity of the Brilliance Browbands, have made this range one of the most popular on the market.  Now, you can get this popular collection in a custom, design your own, bespoke range.  This level of personalization, gives you exactly what you want in a piece that is created for you, by you.   We are also happy to work with you on unique designs subject to a consultation (additional fees may apply for complex designs).


Simple and Easy Steps to Ordering Your Custom Brilliance Browband...


1.  Choose Your Pattern...

  1. 1-Single Row Pattern:  Choose one Crystal color that is special/unique to you.  A timeless design allowing you to get a browband in your favorite color.
  2. 1/1 Pattern:  Choose two crystal colors which will alternate every other stone.  Simple, fun and flattering.
  3. 1/1/1 Pattern:  Choose three crystal colors.  Color #1 will be laid out first, then color #2, then color #3.  This exact pattern will then repeat.
  4. 3/3 Pattern:  Choose two crystal colors.  Each color will be evenly laid out in pattern blocks of three's.
  5. 3/3/3 Pattern:  Choose three crystal colors. Each color will be evenly laid out in pattern blocks of three's. Color #1 will be laid out first, then color #2, then color #3.  This exact pattern will then repeat. 
  6. 5/2 Pattern:  Choose two crystal colors.  Color #1 is the dominant color and represented by 5 crystals.  Crystal color #2 is the color represented by 2 stones.  
  7. 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 Pattern:  Choose three crystal colors.  The browband will be divided into three crystal color block sections and each color will represent one third of the browband.  Looking at the horse straight on, Color #1 will be the first section (closest to the horse's right ear).  Color #2 will represent the middle one-third section (above the horse's eyes).  Color #3 will be the last section of crystals (closest to the horse's left ear).    

2.  Choose Your Crystal Colors...

  1. Review the crystal color options in the photos above.  If you don't see what you are looking for, get more color inspiration by viewing the Crystal Color Catalog Here.
  2. Choose your First Stone Color.  (This is the dominant color if you want the 5/2 Pattern.  If you want the 1/1/1 or 3/3/3 pattern, this will be the first color in the design).  If you want the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 Pattern, this color is the block of crystals near the horse's right ear.
  3. Choose your Second Stone Color.  (This is the least-dominant color if you want the 5/2 Pattern [this would be the "2"].  Or, if you want the 1/1/1 or 3/3/3 pattern, this will be the second/middle color in the design).  If you want the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 Pattern, this color is the block of crystals in the center of the browband, between the horse's eyes.
  4. Choose your Third Stone Color.  (If you want the 1/1/1 or 3/3/3 pattern, this will be the third/last color in the design).  If you want the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 Pattern, this color is the block of crystals near the horse's left ear.

3.  Choose Your Leather Color, Custom Browband Shape, and Browband Size...

  1. Select Exquisite Black, Brown (aka: havana or dark brown) or Whiskey Leather (aka: chestnut or light reddish brown).
  2. Choose Your Browband Shape:  Straight, Wave, Skinny-Wave or V-Shape.
  3. Finally, select your size browband.  Beasties™ Browbands are European sized and so they run a bit larger than American brands.  Before ordering, please be sure to measure your current browband and comparing it to our size chart below for proper sizing.
    • Pony (or possible Cob) = 15"
    • Cob/Horse = 15.75"
    • Full/Warmblodd = 17"
    • X-Full/Oversized = 17.75"

4.  Availability...

Ship times can vary depending on rystal Availability.  Our goal is to ship all custom browbands within 2 - 7 days of ordering.  However, this lead time can be longer if the crystals are not availswarovski-1088-board-thumbnail-size.jpgable.


Fabulous Brilliance Custom Browband Features...

  • Each Brilliance Custom Browband is made with genuine Preciosa Crystals.  Beasties™ Brilliance Bridles and Browbands are made by hand to exacting standards.
  • Each Brilliance browband is made by hand in the USA.  
  • Warranty included!  Beasties™ Horse Tack Co. stands behind their products.  Rest assured, your custom bespoke browband is under full warranty for one full year (normal terms and conditions apply).  Should you need a warranty repair, Beasties™ will opt to repair or replace your browband.
  • Exquisite, soft and supple top quality leather.
  • Leather loops are 1.25" wide, allowing them to easily fit on 95% of all bridles on the market.  Yes, the loops on the Beasties™ browbands will fit onto a double/weymouth bridle.
  • All Beasties™ Brilliance browbands come elegantly packaged in a beautiful dust bag.  A cleaning brush is also included to keep your sparkles shining.  Together, this presentation is perfect for the long-term care and storage of your piece.  Additionally, this makes for the perfect equestrian gift.


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  • 5
    It is beautiful.

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Jul 2017

    I love it. These colors are exactly what I was expecting and you didn't disappoint. It is very well made. I expect this will last me a long time.

  • 5
    always so happy. beautiful!

    Posted by T. Ipson on 15th Dec 2016

    I have purchased quite a few of these beautiful browbands and am always so happy with them. They are beautiful and I, and the people I have purchased them for get so many compliments. Beautiful product and I am always recommending you. Thank you again! I got the ruby crystals for my sister's beautiful fresian for Christmas.

  • 5
    "I can't even"

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Dec 2016

    I can't even look at my royal pony wearing his new "crown." He looks so stinking adorable. This is my favorite piece of equipment!

  • 5
    Great Browband!

    Posted by Chrissy Hoffman on 14th Mar 2016

    Hands down, this is a beautiful piece. I couldn't be happier with it. Thank you.

  • 5
    I’m impressed. This is a beautiful custom browband.

    Posted by Gina on 27th Jan 2016

    I am very pleased with the appearance, quality and colors of the crystals in this custom browband. The color choices were overwhelming, but in the end, the browband arrived just like I imagined it to be. The leather is very soft and and the cob/horse size fits my horse's refined head perfectly. I've received lots of compliments on how attractive it looks, both at the barn and in competition.

  • 5
    Thanks - hard to find great pony products.

    Posted by Claire on 23rd Sep 2015

    Thanks - hard to find great pony products.

  • 5
    I'm an addict! Getting ready to design my 4th Browband

    Posted by Wendy Dubois on 17th Sep 2015

    Also, the new website is great.

  • 5
    I just sent you a photo. It came out great.

    Posted by Bethan on 15th Sep 2015

    Thank you so very much. It came out better than I imagined. The crystals are much prettier in person. I just emailed you a picture of my horse wearing it. I wish I could post it here because it looks so good! Thank you and I will definately be ordering again.

  • 5
    I absolutely love your products!!

    Posted by Kayla K. on 29th Jun 2015

    I absolutely love your products!! I have been searching for a new browband for a while. Your products are def high quality at the right price! I loved being able to customized my browband. Only thing I wish you had for an option were alternating single colored pattern. Such as red black red black red black ect. I will def shop at your company again and have already recommended you to many people!

Beasties Brilliance Browbands are backed by a: 1). 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. 2). 1 Year Repair/Replacement Warranty (normal terms apply*). See our warranty page for details: *Normal terms, conditions and care apply. Warranty does not cover products subject to conditions outside of what "normal care" is considered (ie: the browband was involved in a riding accident or the product was chewed or stepped on by your horse).