Selecting the perfect colorful saddle pad for your horse.

Selecting the perfect colorful saddle pad for your horse.

Posted by Equestrian Horse Tack Blog Admin (Meeghan Baumler) on 18th Jul 2017

Selecting the right saddle pad color is truly a matter of personal choice.  Seasons change, trends change and your fashion choices also change.  We are going to break down some of the deciding factors that equestrians contemplate when considering what saddle pad color to choose...

Seasonal Saddle Pad Selection

Depending on the season, we see saddle pad sales seesaw for different colors.  In the spring, we see higher sales for white and pastel colored saddle pads.  Mint green, light pink, baby blue, lavender purple, cream and yellows are popular.  White is also a top seller in the Spring and Summer as equestrians gear up for show season.  

Speaking of Summer, we start to see an increase of purple, royal blue, hot pink and lime green saddle pad sales.  Black dressage saddle pads seem to be popular and we suspect it is for those who have a grey horse (black is a legal dressage show color and looks great on the greys).

As the Fall season rolls in, you can no doubt guess which colors might be popular:  Browns, orange, beige and yellows are hot items.  Don't forget that it is hunting season and therefore neon blaze orange saddle pads are on every equestrians want list.  

Lastly, we on the the cold winter months.  Sales are wildly popular for all saddle pad colors thanks to the Holiday season.  Starting in January we begin to see the true winter favorites; Black, burgundy, dark green, brown, royal blue and white seem to be top color choices for the remaining winter months.

Coordinating Saddle Pad Color with the Coat Color of Your Horse 

PRI is known for having an extensive color palette of saddle pads that is second to none. This offers plenty of rich and vibrant choices for every horse regardless of their coat color. 

If your horse has a black coat, you have the option to choose any color. However, let your horse be the talk of the ring and choose a bright color!  We offer many colors to choose from so try: red, hot pink, turquoise, orange, lime green, or even lavender.

If your horse has a white or grey coat you have the luxury of knowing a saddle pad of any color will be seen. But if you really want your pony to stand out, try a dark color such as: burgundy, navy blue, dark green, or even try dark purple.

Horses with warm color coats such as chestnut, palomino, bay, buckskin, etc would look great in cool colors such as royal blue, teal, lime green, or even candy pink if you really want to make a statement!  Gray is considered a cool color; therefore, you want a warm color for your horse.  

Or, if you want something fashionable and elegant, choose a "like" color.  Have a palomino - choose a cream, tan or beige colored saddle pad.  Have a chestnut or bay horse - try shades of chocolate brown, beige, tan or cream.  If you choose a coordinating color palette, you can’t go wrong!