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Custom Cadence Dressage Stock Pin/Brooch - Made with genuine Swarovski® Crystals

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This item is made to order. Please allow 5-14 days for customization.

Cadence Brooch - Custom Design Your Own

Made with genuine Swarovski® Crystals

Square Halts Dressage Gala by Beasties

The unique combination of three crystal sizes and two Crystal Shapes makes this Genuine Crystal a dressage show stopper!  Adding to the excitement is the benefit of getting exactly what you want via our bespoke, bling brooch service.  Made to exquisite standards, just like the Beasties™ Custom Browbands, this beautiful brooch will be a good luck charm for years.  This sophisticated piece of tasteful vintage style is a statement dressage jewelry piece and is sure to get noticed.