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Red White and Blue Browbands - Custom Design Your Own USA Flag Browband using Patriotic Colors!

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*Note: Custom browbands are made to order. Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for these custom-made browbands. Ship times can vary depending on Swarovski Crystal Availability.

USA "ROCKS" - Patriotic Red, White and Blue Custom Browbands

Beasties™ Brilliance Bespoke Gala

patriotic-usa-red-white-and-blue-horse-tack-statue-small-web.jpgDesign Your Own with Genuine Swarovski Crystals.

 "And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free.
 And I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me."                                   - Lee Greenwood

Equestrians love these browbands to show off their USA pride.  Many equestrian athletes have purchased these browbands for competing in international competitions across the "pond".  We are very, very proud to offer you our collection of custom red, white and blue browbands for your horse.  We simply couldn't decide on a select few designs and so Beasties™ is offering you the opportunity to design your own exactly how you want it.  Want a design with pink, light blue and clear?  Or perhaps you like darker shades of red and medium shades of sapphire blues?  Well, we have what you are looking for.  We are also happy to work with you on unique designs subject to a consultation (additional fees may apply for complex designs).  Please email us to inquire about bulk discounts.


Simple and Easy Steps to Ordering Your Patriotic USA Rocks Brilliance Custom Browband...

1.  Choose Your Pattern...

  1. 1-Single Row Pattern:  Choose one crystal color that is special/unique to you.  A timeless design allowing you to get a browband in your favorite color.
  2. 1/1/1 Pattern:  Choose three crystal colors which will alternate every other stone.  ie: (1) Red, (1) Clear, (1) Blue.  Simple, fun and flattering.
  3. 3/3/3 Pattern:  Choose three crystal colors.  Color number one will be laid out first, then color two, then color three.  The pattern will then repeat.  ie: (3) Red, (3) Clear, (3) Blue.
  4. 1/3 | 1/3 | 1/3 Pattern:   Choose three crystal colors.  The pattern will be laid out in 3 blocks of colors.  One-third of the browband will be Color Number One, Color Number Two will be the next block of one-third (aka the center section).  The final one-third block section will be Color Number Three.

2.  Choose Your Genuine Swarovski­® Crystal Colors...

  1. Choose your First Stone Color.  (If you choose the 3/3/3 or 1/1/1 pattern, this will be the first color in the design).
  2. Choose your Second Stone Color.  (This is the middle one-third section if you choose the 1/3 | 1/3 | 1/3 [this would be the "2"].  Or, if you want the 3/3/3 or 1/1/1 pattern, this will be the second/middle color in the design).
  3. Choose your Third Stone Color.  (If you want the 3/3/3 or 1/1/1 pattern, this will be the third/last color in the design).

3.  Choose Your Leather Color, Custom Browband Shape, and Browband Size...

  1. Select Exquisite Black Whiskey or Dark Brown Italian Leather.
  2. Choose Your Browband Shape:  Straight, Skinny, Wave or the NEW Brilliance V-Shape.  HINT:  If you choose the Skinny Brilliance Browband and want more of a droopy wave shape that drops down lower on your horse's face, ORDER UP ONE SIZE!
  3. Finally, select your size browband.  Beasties™ Browbands are European sized and so they run a bit larger than American brands.  We highly recommend measuring your current browband and comparing it to our size chart for proper sizing.
    • Pony (or possible Cob) = 15"
    • Cob/Horse = 15.75"
    • Full/Warmblodd = 17"
    • X-Full/Oversized = 17.75"

 4.  Availability...

 Ship times can vary depending on Swarovski Crystal Availability.  Our goal is to ship all custom browbands within 2 - 7 days of ordering.  However, this lead time can be longer if the crystals are not available.


Fabulous Red, White and Blue Custom Browband Features...

  • Each Brilliance USA browband is made with genuine CRYSTALLIZED®­­ Swarovski Stones.  Beasties™ Brilliance Bridles and Browbands are made to exacting standards and all seams are hand finished with two needles, which is a hallmark of quality leather work.
  • Each Brilliance browband is hand-finished in the USA!!!
  • Beasties™ Horse Tack Co. stands behind their products.  Rest assured, your custom bespoke browband is under full warranty for one full year (normal terms and conditions apply).  Should you need a warranty repair, Beasties™ will opt to repair or replace your browband.
  • Exquisite, soft and supple top quality black or brown leather.
  • Leather loops are 1.25" wide, allowing them to easily fit on 95% of all bridles on the market.  Yes, the loops on the Beasties™ browbands will fit onto a double/weymouth bridle (95%).
  • All Beasties™ browbands come elegantly packaged in a beautiful dust bag.  Perfect for storing and/or gift-giving.

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Beasties Brilliance Browbands are backed by a: 1). 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. 2). 1 Year Repair/Replacement Warranty (normal terms apply*). See our warranty page for details: *Normal terms, conditions and care apply. Warranty does not cover products subject to conditions outside of what "normal care" is considered (ie: the browband was involved in a riding accident or the product was chewed or stepped on by your horse).