Absorbent Straps for Fly Spray! (Package of 2) for RES Boot Products

Spray/Saturate each strap with your favorite fly spray.  Then, attach the strap to your favorite RES Equine product that has replaceable Velcro® Brand.
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Absorbent Velcro® Brand Straps

Apply your horse fly spray directly to this strap.  Then, attach the strap to your favorite RES Product(s):  Bell Boots, Polo Wraps, Sport Boots, Jump Boots, Fetlock Boots, Splint Boots, etc.

RES Equine has done it again!  They've brought us another exciting solution.  These Velcro® Brand fly straps have an absorbent material sewn on them to apply fly spray directly to the strap instead of putting harmful chemicals directly on your horse. Fly straps fit all RES Products and come with a pull tab for ease of use.  Sold in pairs.

Absorbent Fly Strap Features:

  • Spray your favorite fly spray or essential oil directly onto the strap.  Then, attach the strap to your favorite RES product.  We especially love these for use with the bell boots.
  • Can also be used with your favorite anti-chew spray to keep horse from chewing at horse boot.
  • Color:  Black
  • Set of two straps included in the package.
  • Pull-tab for extra ease of removal.