Open Front Jump Boot with Replaceable Velcro | RES Boot

Each set of open front jump boots comes with four black Velcro® straps (two straps per boot).  Additional Velcro Sold Sep. for your perfect boot color.

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Open Front Jump Boots with Replaceable Velcro!

When the velcro wears out... Buy new straps, not new bell boots!

Open Front Jump Boot Features:

    • The anatomic design gives more freedom of movement to knee and fetlock, while providing maximum comfort and support.
    • Open-front tendon boots are excellent for everyday use and the needs of jumpers.
    • Boots Feature a Neoprene Lining and a hard outer shell.  Quality Construction at Affordable Prices.
    • Sold in Pairs.  Each Set Comes with 4 Heavy Duty Velcro Strips in Black.
    • Contructed of Ballistic Material with Superior Strength and Quality Seam Stitching.
    • Interchangeable Velcro Straps Make Changing Your Look Simple and Affordable!


RES Open Front Boot Size Information:

  • Currently available in 2 Sizes:  Medium (Horse), Large (Warmblood). 

RES Boot Care:

  • Simply wash with the barn hose and hang to dry! 
  • Velcro Care:  Remove hair and dirt with a stiff brush.

Additional Velcro® Straps and Colors Can be Purchased Here: