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Sheepskin Dressage Saddle Pad has removable inserts for easy cleaning.

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Sheepskin Saddle Pad, Dressage Cut with Removable Sheepskin

Put the sheepskin where it belongs...directly against you horse's skin.  The most traditional material used as a saddle pad is sheepskin with the hide still attached.  The main advantage of sheepskin is that it is a resilient material with natural moisture-wicking properties. Sheepskin disperses heat, naturally breathes and eliminates friction and bounce. These same properties are not found in synthetic fleece or fleece bonded to fabric.   Only sheepskin still attached to its hide encompasses all these features. 

A disadvantage to using a white sheepskin saddle pad is that it is not easy to clean.  This pad is the solution to the problem.   To wash the white saddle pad: Simply remove the sheepskin panels (these are attached via Velcro®). Machine wash and air dry the cotton twill pad.  To wash the sheepskin panels: Simply hand wash using warm water and a wool cleaner (like MELP or Woolite).  Wash any spots using a wash cloth. Let air dry.  When dry, fluff the sheepskin with a brush.

 Removable Sheepskin Saddle Pad Features: 

  • Finally! A Sheepskin Saddle Pad that is Easy To CLEAN!!!
  • Put the sheepskin where it belongs - Genuine sheepskin when placed directly against the skin, encourages muscle relaxation and improved blood circulation.
  • Cotton Twill Outer with Equu Felt Lining and a Flannel Backing.
  • Measures:  23.5" Spine x 24" Wide x 21" Drop/Length
  • High Wither Dressage Pad - This saddle pad features an allowance for added comfort.
  • Open channel to allow spine clearance.
  • Two genuine sheepskin panels attach easily with Velcro

Saddle Pad Care:

  • Remove hair, dirt and dried sweat with a stiff brush from the sheepskin panels and from the saddle pad.
  • Remove Velcro sheepskin panels from the saddle pad. These panels should be washed by hand using Woolite or any other product safe for cleaning sheepskin.  Hang panels to dry.
  • Machine wash the saddle pad (remember to remove the sheepskin panels).
  • Straighten/flatten cotton fabric after washing and lay to dry.  Do not tumble dry.