Rolled Reins - Rubber

Rubber Reins with Rolled Leather and Hook/Stud Ends.
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Rubber Rolled Reins by Beasties™

Grippy rolled leather reins by Beasties™ Horse Tack Solutions.    The rubber portion is made with Kris­® Rubber and offers extra security with a 16mm (7/8") wide grip.  flat portion is smooth with no stops and 3/4" wide.   Black with stainless steel hardware and hook stud closures.  Each rein is approximately 57" long for total length of 114". 


Rolled Rubber Reins Features:

    • Hook and stud ends to compliment the clean look of rolled reins.
    • Made with Kris® Rubber and Sedgewicks® Leather.

Soft-Touch Rolled Reins Size Information: 

  • One half of the rein measures 57" from the bit end up to the buckle end in the rider's hand. 
  • Approx. 114" total length if measured from bit end to bit end.
  • Rubber grip measures 16mm / 7/8" wide.

Rolled Leather Reins Care:

  • Simply wipe off any saliva, dirt/dust with a damp cloth with warm water and a bit of saddle soap. 
  • Oil the leather portion regularly with your favorite leather conditioner.