Continental Web Reins - Brown - Buckle Ends - with Leather Stops | BR Avalon Range

BR Avulon Brown Web Reins have silver buckle ends and leather rein stops.

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Affordable Continental Web Reins - Brown Leather with Buckle Ends and Leather Stops

BR Avulon Range

The BR Avulon Continental Linen Web Reins feature a traditional cotten linen design with leather hand stops.  Web reins are favored by riders because they provide excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions making them a safe option for many riding disciplines including eventing and cross country.  They also offer plenty of flexibility than standard leather reins, making them extremely comfortable to use while providing a "smart" appearance.

Avulon Continental Web Reins Features:

  • The BR Avulon Range is made from quality leather ends, while providing a budget-friendly price tag.
  • Reins are standard horse size length.  One half of rein is 57" (measuring from the bit up to the riders hand).
  • Four strands give these reins a width of approx 5/8" wide.
  • Buckle Ends for quick fastening and unfastening.
  • Cotton webbing ensures a grippy rein that won't slide our of your hands.
  • Leather stops add the extra security you want even during tricky riding situations.