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Yellow Pony Saddle Pad by PRI Pacific Rim

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Yellow Pony Saddle Pad

 "I really just want to be warm yellow light that pours over everyone I love."
~  Conor Oberst

"Good Day Sunshine"!  This is such a pretty and unexpected color.  It looks amazing against all coat coloring's (our favorite pairing is this yellow saddle pad with a chestnut or bay pony).  Grab one of these yellow pony saddle pads for your collection today!  The Color is so happy and there is a full range of other fantastic colors to choose from.  Giftwrap one of these pads with a Beasties™ Pony Browband for the perfect equestrian gift.

These yellow pony saddle pads are 5mm thick, with high wither to allow good clearance over the sensitive wither area.  This classic all-purpose style is designed with a special square box-quilt pattern to keep the foam from shifting.  This pony pad provides great protection without feeling too bulky.


Yellow Pony Saddle Pad Features:

  • Approximate Measurements- Spine length: 17 inches, Width: 22 inches, Length: 17.5 inches
  • This pony saddle pad has a thin, black piping around the border.
  • Easy Care, Machine Washable (40 degrees) Do not Tumble Dry.
  • Great quality saddle pad, lasts through many washes
  • Saddle pad embroidery and monogramming is available for this item.  This is a nice addition for a gift or just to personalize your saddle pad.
  • The underside of this saddle pad has a soft flannel backing to help keep it from shifting and slipping (Flannel color may vary from the color shown on this page).
  • 100% cotton shell and foam inner.
  • Nylon billet straps and keepers with Velcro®


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