Swarovski® Color Chart

The World's Finest Crystals


Swarovski is the premium brand for the finest crystal elements.  For more than 100 years, the company has been recognized for its pioneering spirit, its collaborations with designers, and its responsible behavior.

In its continuous effort to strive for excellence and the highest standards of customer service, Swarovski has created a comprehensive product and service offering that delivers distinctive values to its customers.

Use the Following Chart to Create Your Custom Brilliance and Volte Browbands...

Swarovski® Crystals and Opals


swarovski-white-opal.gif  rosewateropal.gif  
Clear Crystal (001) White Opal (234)  Rose Water Opal (395)  
vintagerose.gif lightrose.gif blushrose.jpg rosaline.gif
Vintage Rose (319)  Light Rose (223)  Blush Rose (257) Rosaline (508)
 rose.gif  indianpink.gif  fuchsia.gif ruby.gif
Rose (209) Indian Pink (289) Fuchsia (502) Ruby (501)
 rose-peach.gif  padparadscha.gif  lightsiam.gif  siam.gif
Rose Peach (262) Padparadscha (542)  Light Siam (227)  Siam (208)
 garnet.gif burgundy.gif  




 Garnet (241) ***Limited*** Burgundy (515)  



lightamethyst.gif violet.gif provencelavender.gif
Smoky Mauve (265) Light Amethyst (212)  Violet (371) Provence Lavender (283)





Cyclamen Opal (398) Amethyst (204)  Purple Velvet (277) ***Limited***
Tanzanite (539)
denimblue.jpg light-turquoise.jpg    
Denim Blue (266) Light Turquoise (263)    
darkindigo.gif capri-blue-swarovski.jpg sapphire.gif lightsapphire.gif
Montana (207) Capri Blue (243) Sapphire (206) Light Sapphire (211)
airblueopal.gif aquamarine.jpg lightazore.gif indiansapphire.gif
Air Blue Opal (285) Aquamarine (202) Light Azore (361) Indian Sapphire (217)
pacificopal.gif turquoise.gif indicolite.gif



Pacific Opal (390) Turquoise (267) Indicolite (379) Caribbean Blue Opal (394) ***Limited***
bluezircon.gif chrysolite.gif



Blue Zircon (229) Chrysolite (238) Chrysolite Opal (294) ***Limited***
Peridot (214)



ferngreen.gif erinite.gif emerald.gif
Dark Moss Green (260) ***Limited***
Fern Green (291) Erinite (360) Emerald (205)
khaki.gif lighttopaz.gif


Khaki (550) Light Topaz (226) Sunflower (292) ***Limited***
 topaz.gif  tangerine.gif  jonquil.gif  silk.gif

Topaz (203)

Tangerine (259)

Jonquil (213)

Silk (391)

ltsilk.gif lightpeach.gif lightcoloradotopaz.gif  
Light Silk (261) Light Peach (362) Light Colorado Topaz (246)  
lightsmokedtopaz.gif smokedtopaz.gif mocca.gif smokyquartz.gif
Light Smoked Topaz (221) Smoked Topaz (220) Mocca (286 ) Smoky Quartz (225)


lightgreyopal.gif greige.gif blackdiamond.gif
Sand Opal (287) ***Limited***
Light Grey Opal (383) Greige (284) Black Diamond (215)
Jet (280)      

Swarovski® Crystal Effects
Special surface or translucence effects are created through the vapor coating of the crystal surface (depending on the type of vaporization used). These can be applied to both clear crystal and colors.

 astralpink-small.jpg  crystalab.gif  crystal-paradise-shine.jpg  crystalsatin.gif


Astral Pink (001 API) Crystal Aurore Boreale        (001 AB) Crystal Paradise Shine           (001 PARSH) Crystal Satin (001SAT) ***Limited***
Crystal Lilac Shadow (001 LISH) Crystal Moonlight (001 MOL) Crystal Antique Pink  (001 ANTP)  
 jethematite.gif  crystal-luminouse-green-small.jpg  cryblushade.gif
Crystal Silver Shade (001 SSHA)
Jet Hematite (280 HEM)
 Crystal Luminous Green (01LUMG) Crystal Blue Shade (001BLSH)


 crystal-comet-argent-light-2.jpg crystalrosegold.jpg
Crystal Golden Shadow (001 GSHA) Crystal Copper (001 COP) ***Limited***
 Crystal Light Chrome (001 LTCH) Crystal Rose Gold (001 ROGL)


 crystal-scarabaeus-green.jpg  iridescent-green.gif
Crystal Metallic Blue               (001 METBL) Crystal Vitrail Light (001 VL) ***Limited***
Crystal Scarabaeus Green Effect (001SCGR) Crystal Iridescent Green (001 IRIG)
 crystal-metallic-light-gold.jpg crystal-bronze-shade.jpg crystal-dorado.jpg  crystal-metallic-sunshine.jpg
Crystal Metallic Light Gold (001 MLGLD) Crystal Bronze Shade (001 BRSH) Crystal Dorado  (001 DOR)  Crystal Metallic Sunshine (001 METSH)
Crystal Silver Night (001 SINI)

Swarovski Crystal Patina Effect

The Swarovski Crystal Patina Effect updates crystal with a timeless look. Each coating features unique and deliberately imperfect designs that will serve as a reminder of the beauty of times past.
white-patina.jpg  rose-patina.jpg  gold-patina.jpg  silver-patina.jpg
Crystal Patina Effect White (001WHIPA) Crystal Patina Effect Rose (01ROPA) Crystal Patina Effect GOLD (001GOLPA) Crystal Patina Effect Silver (001SILPA)
Crystal Patina Effect Black (001BLAPA)      

Swarovski Crystal Pearls

Swarovski Crystal Pearls are a perfect replica of genuine pearls. They are the first pearls in the world with a crystal coreand an innovative, silky-smooth pearl coating.

 white-pearl.jpg creamrose-light-pearl.jpg cream-pearl.jpg creamrose-pearl.jpg
Pearl White (001 650) Pearl Creamrose Light (001 618) Pearl Cream (001 620) Pearl Creamrose  (001 621)
bronze-pearl.jpg rose-gold-pearl.jpg



Swarovski Pearl Bronze (001 295)

Swarovski Pearl Rose Gold  (001 769)

Swarovski Pearl Peach (001 300)

Swarovski Pearl Rosaline      (001 294)

crystal-irredescent-purple-pearl.png  swarovski-20804-crystal-scarabaeus-green-cabochon-flatback.jpg iridescent-green-prl-igprl-.png  
Pearl Iridescent Purple (001 943) Pearl Scarabaeus Green (001 946) Pearl Iridescent Green (001 930)  
light-grey-pearl.jpg 5817-dark-grey-pearl.jpg    
Pearl Light Grey (001 616) Pearl Dark Grey (001 617)    




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