Stethoscope, Single Head | Cotran Veterinary Instruments

Stethoscope, Single Head | Cotran Veterinary Instruments

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Single Head Stethoscope 

Horse's Heart Rate – Normal 24-48 beats per minute!


  • Chrome ear piece.
  • Silver chest piece.
  • 22" Y-tubing.
  • 30"L overall.

Best to Keep on Hand & How to Take Your Horse’s Vitals! In an emergency, being able to take your horse’s vital signs will enable you to communicate important information to your veterinarian. There are three main vital signs: Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, and Temperature. These are often referred to as the TPR. (Temperature, Pulse, Respiration).

The best place to listen to the heart is just behind the elbow (see picture). The heart can be heard on either side, but is often louder on the left side. The horse has a large heart and a slow resting heart rate. When you listen you will hear a “lub” and then a “dub” sound followed by a pause. The “lub” and the “dub” together count as one beat. Listen for 15 seconds, count the beats and multiply the number times four. I would recommend obtaining a stethoscope and having your veterinarian help you hear the heart and accurately count beats. Do this at your next vaccine or routine health care appointment. That way you will be prepared for an emergency.