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Anatomical Cut-back Comfort Mono-Crown for Mono Crown Bridles.
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Crown Piece - Mono Crown - Anatomical Comfort Crown Pieces for Snaffle or Weymouth (Double) Bridles.

 by Beasties™ Bridle Solutions.

Beasties™ horse bridle parts were thoughtfully designed and hand-crafted to deliver the utmost in quality, convenience, features, proper fit, beauty and comfort. - All of this at an affordable price! Beasties™ bridle parts are feature-packed to bring you the options that you want and need. They truly provide affordable luxury at its finest and a signature of your fashionista style.  The Beasties™ Padded Mono Crown was designed for superior comfort as it eliminates pressure on the poll. It also features cut-back clearance for the ears. This crown piece will make your horse say, "Thank You".

Beasties™ Horse Tack products are backed by a 100% 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a full one year warranty on all leather*

What is a Mono Crown?

A Mono Crown is adjustable on both sides of the horse's face.  In other words, your noseband buckles/fastens onto your mono-crown on two sides as opposed to older, traditional style nosebands which have one strap that runs up and over the horse's head.  This Beasties™ Mono-Crown also comes with a throat latch that easily adjusts from both sides of the head, allowing for a better fitting throat latch.

Cut-Back Mono Crown Piece Features:

  • Exquisite soft leather used for padding. Provides extra poll comfort.
  • Clever Construction: Anatomic shape is cut back to allow room for the ears which provides additional luxurious comfort.
  • Allows for noseband attachment on both sides of head vs. running up and over the head.
  • Throat latch is included.  The throat latch is dual adjustable and attaches on both sides of the head.
  • Generous 1.25" Wide.
  • Superior Stitching.
  • Accepts Nosebands / Cavessons with 5/8" Hanger Straps.
  • Accepts Cheek Pieces that are 5/8" wide.  For Weymouth bridles, this mono crown will accept (2) 5/8" Bradoon Cheek Pieces Plus (2) 4/8" Curb Cheek Pieces.