Ivermectin Paste Horse Dewormer - 1 Tube (6.08GM)

Ivermectin Paste Horse Dewormer - 1 Tube (6.08GM)

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Ivermectin Paste

* Convenient, easy-to-use syringe allows for fast, fool-proof application
* Removes worms and bots with a single dose
* Apple flavor that horses love!
* See success stories in ‘Other Info’ below

Durvet Ivermectin horse paste contains 1.87% ivermectin. Safe to use for all horses, including broodmares and mares at any stage of pregnancy, breeding stallions and young foals.

Paste-gel provides effective treatment and control of large and small strongyles, pinworms, ascarids, hairworms, stomach worms, bots, lungworms and threadworms. Apple-flavored.

Each syringe treats up to 1,250 lbs body weight.

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