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Tropical Fruit Frenzy (Kiwi & Banana) Bran Mash for Horses | Brittany's Horse Treats

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Bran Mash* for Horses | Brittany's Horse Treats


BIG savings for you on these bags of bran mash!  These bags are stocked on our "Misfit Island" shelves for various reasons.  The majority of these bags were on display at a trade show and came back a little "tossed" around.  The packaging is no longer pretty and we can't send them out to our Retail Tack Stores as they just won't look nice on a shelf.  However, these bags have never been opened, and the ingredients inside are fresh.  We just can't sell them as a first quality product because the ingredients are shook-en up and no longer offer a beautiful appearance, worthy of a retail shelf.   Grab a bargain bag today!

Easy Instructions for How to Make a Bran Mash...

  1. Simply Open package and pour contents of bag into your horse's feed bucket. 
  2. *Remove the freshness pack (located in the top of each bag).
  3. Add water, Stir and Serve.  Don't forget to STAND BACK and prepare to laugh as you watch your horse dive into this delicious treat!  Sometimes things can get really messy as they get carried away.  Add warm water in the cold winter months as it is a nice comfort food.  Add cold water in the hot summer months as a refreshing horse treat.  You can also add water, stir and freeze the bran mash to be served as a refreshing treat your horse will enjoy licking on a hot summer day.


  • Regular Size Bag - 32 Vol. Oz.
  • Jumbo Size Bag - 48 Vol. Oz.

TROPICAL FRUIT Bran Mash All-Natural Ingredients...

  • Tropical Fruit Mash Nutritional Ingredients: Bran, Crimped Sweet Oats, Molasses, Shredded Beet Pulp, Ground Flax Seed, and Freshly Dehydrated  Kiwi and Bananas.

* Each bag of bran mash has a silica gel pack enclosed in order to preserve freshness.  Please remove this dry pack prior to serving.

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