High Def. Bell Boots with Replaceable Velcro and Kevlar | RES Boot

High Def Bell Boots by RES Boot.

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NEW! HIGH DEFINITION Bell Boots Featuring Kevlar™ and Replaceable Velcro!

Allowing Tired Of Losing Bell Boots or Having to Buy New Ones Because of Faulty Velcro?   When the Velcro® wears out...Buy new straps, not new bell boots! 

These high def. bell boots are the solution for the hard working horse who digs his hooves deep down into the dirt.  The Kevlar® backing provides the ultimate hoof protection!


High Def. Bell Boots Features:

    • Kevlar™ backing for the ultimate hoof protection!
    • Flexible micro-fiber attach points spell QUALITY CONSTRUCTION!
    • Affordable Prices.
    • Sold in Pairs.  Each Set of Bell Boots Comes with 2 Heavy Duty Velcro Strips in Black.
    • Contructed of Ballistic Material with Superior Strength and Quality Seam Stitching.
    • Interchangeable Velcro® Straps Make Changing Your Look Simple and Affordable!
    • No-turn Knob Built In.  Keeps Boots from Turning so it Stays in Place for Correct Protection.  Note: the no-turn knob can be simply cut out if unwanted.
    • Inner Lining Wicks Moisture.


RES High Def. Bell Boot Size Information:

  • Currently available in 2 Sizes:  Medium and Large. 
  • RES Boot sizes run a bit small as compared to most PVC bell boot brands so please order a size up if you are unsure).

RES Boot Care:

  • Simply wash with the barn hose and hang to dry! 
  • Velcro Care:  Remove hair and dirt with a stiff brush.

Bon-Vivant Equestrian is an authorized USA Distributor for RES Equine Products. Check out our amazing assortment of Equine Bell Boots.  Want to learn more about RES Equine Products? Watch this short video of Brett Mills (inventor) explaining this award-winning system: RES Boots Video.