Hooflex Thrush Remedy 12 oz. Bottle

Hooflex Thrush Remedy 12 oz. Bottle

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Hooflex Thrush Remedy

Absorbine Hooflex horse thrush remedy kills and prevents bacteria and fungus that cause thrush and white line disease. Hoof Flex Thrush Remedy helps eliminate associated odors and promotes normal healing. Features squeeze applicator specially designed to reach deep into frog where thrush organisms breed.  Though thrush can happen in just about any barn, it can be successfully managed when a comprehensive hoof care plan is implemented. For the best hoof care, schedule regular farrier visits, clean your horses’ hooves often, fight back bacteria and fungus with a proven antimicrobial solution like Hooflex Thrush Remedy, and make sure the paddocks and bedding are as dry as possible.  We’ve put our best foot forward, so to speak, and we think you’ll choose Hooflex Thrush Remedy.

Contains parachlorometaxylenol and aluminum chlorhydroxy allantoinate.

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  • Hooflex Thrush Remedy is tough on bacteria and fungi because it is a broad-based antimicrobial.  This means it will help battle the bacteria that causes thrush, but also fungus that can follow.
  • Hooflex Thrush Remedy’s anti-microbial properties remain active for days after application, giving the frog a chance to heal.
  • Our product is specially formulated to avoid killing healthy tissue, and it also contains emollients to help promote healthy tissue. When you kill live cells, you leave room for infection to move into the necrotic tissue left behind.
  • Unlike other, more caustic products or many homemade remedies, our formulation does not sting when applied, or kill live tissue.
  • Hooflex Thrush Remedy does not contain formaldehyde, so it doesn’t dry out the hoof, sole, or frog.
  • Hooflex Thrush Remedy is a clear, non-staining formula. Many products on the market are green or purple.  Now whether colorant is added on purpose or is the color of ingredients, the downside is that the product is messy, may cause stains, and gets everywhere—and we do mean everywhere.
  • Since it’s a liquid, Hooflex Thrush Remedy soaks deep into cracks and crevices of hooves, even hooves with deep sulci.  The fine-tipped squeeze applicator allows you to apply the product directly to problem areas without waste.  Just poke a tiny hole in the end for controlled, economical application.
  • Does not sting or irritate, does not dry out hoof.
  • Non-staining formula. 
  • 12 oz. Bottle.



  • Regularly dust hoof boots with NO THRUSH® to combat excessive bacteria buildup.
  • Use on scratches. Thoroughly dust area and use soft brush to distribute powder over the infected area. Do not remove the scabs - let these fall off naturally. Repeat daily and then use as prevention aid.
  • Use on Rain rot, coat fungus. Dust affected area (rub the powder thoroughly into the coat. Repeat daily for 4-7 days. Use as maintenance while the coat regenerates.