Bling Pink or Purple Equestrian/Pony/Horse Grooming Gift Set | 6 Piece Kit

Bling Youth Grooming Set Features 6 PIeces:  Hoof Pick, Body Brush, Face Brush, Mane and Tail Comb, Sponge, Curry Comb/Brush.
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Holy Cuteness!

Pink or Purple Youth Equestrian Pony Grooming Gift Set!

And, as if this grooming gift set wasn't cute enough, the set has a few pieces that are adorned with glitter and crystal bling hearts! 

Horse / Pony Grooming Set Features:

  • 6 Pieces set in your choice of pink or purple.
  • Pieces are perfectly sized for smaller youth hands.
  • What's in the bag?  6 pieces: 
    1. Hoof Cleaning Pick
    2. Body Grooming Brush
    3. Face Groom Brush
    4. Curry Comb
    5. Mane/Tail Comb
    6. Sponge for Bath Time
  • The set features glitter that is baked right into the plastic.
  • The hoof pick, face brush and body brush feature crystal heart embellishments.
  • Perfect grooming set for ponies or horses.