Logo Embroidered Saddle Pads - Corporate Sponsors, Team, Company or Barn Logo

Logo Embroidered Saddle Pads - Corporate Sponsors, Team, Company or Barn Logo

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***First, Shop for and add a saddle pad to your cart. Then come to this page to order embroidery. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. Shipping times could be slightly longer during busy seasons.

Logo Embroidered Saddle Pads -

Corporate Business, Sponsor, Team and Barn Logos thread-colors-for-saddle-pad-embroidery.jpg

Personalization is highly favored amongst equestrians.  As we've mentioned before, embroidery machines are not created equally.  Many offer an embroidery service but their embroidery machines are inexpensive and the end result is an embroidery quality that is rated fair at best.  Bon-Vivant has partnered with a local company who specializes in top-notch quality embroidery.  They have expensive, high-tech embroidery machines which produce an extraordinary quality.  You can be assured that your logo will be embroidered onto each saddle pad with the highest standards and at an affordable price.

ORDERING INFORMATION for Saddle Pads with Logos:

1).  Add a Saddle Pad to your shopping cart.  We have a gorgeous selection of Dressage, All-Purpose and Pony Saddle Pads to choose from. 

Bulk Discounts - 10% off 5-9 Pads | 20% off 10-19 Pads | 30% off 20+ Pads on Regularly Priced Saddle pads...We can offer a discount off of each saddle pad (not the embroidery fee(s), just the pads will qualify for discount).  Sale priced saddle pads do not qualify for this bulk discount.  Please place your order and your credit card will be authorized for the full amount.  It will not be officially charged, until we have reviewed the order.  We will apply the bulk discount to the order before your credit card is offically charged.

2).  Upload a copy of your logo*.  We recommend our customers to upload artwork in high resolution. The higher the resolution, the better we can work on the details, and eventually the better the digitizing results.  If the logo is blurry on your screen, the resolution is not high.   Please upload a photo in one of the following file types:  (.jpg), (.jpeg), (.png), (.tiff), (.gif).

About Logo Digitizing - In order to embroider your logo, the embroidery machine can only read files in a special "digitized" format.  This file type ends in (.dst) or (.emb).  If you do not have a (.dst) or (.emb) file, we must have your logo converted into this special digitized file.  The fee for digitizing and embroidery is based on the stitch count - the more stitches the machine has to make, the higher the cost.  There is a one-time setup fee to have your logo converted into a (.dst) or (.emb) file. Once you purchase this service, the digitized file will be sent to you and is yours to keep.    You can take this file to any embroiderer and they can embroider other items with this file.  Please note that this file is for your logo to be embroidered into one size only, so if you want t-shirt sleeves to be embroidered, that requires a different size.

3).  Choose a Logo Type...

      • Simple Logo* (Starting at $65) - Please select this digitizing fee service if your logo has clean and simple lines and the background (behind the logo) will be unfilled/unstitched (without color).  Please upload your file above and we will notify you if your logo doesn't meet this price point.
      • Complete Logo* (Starting at $98) - Please select this digitizing fee service if your logo has more background and fill in between the lines.
      • No Digitizing Fee ($0.00) - Please select this if your logo has already been digitized and then upload the (.dst) or (.emb) file in the next step.  Note:  your (.dst) or (.emb) files can also be emailed to us.  EMail Us the file and reference the order number in the subject line.  Please note that your (.dst) or (.emb) file must be sized appropriately for a saddle pad.  In other words, if your (.dst) file was used to embroider t-shirt sleeves, the size might not be large enough for a saddle pad.  Please check before uploading/ordering your (.dst) or (.emb) file.  Otherwise you may have to pay to have your logo converted again into a size suitable for saddle pads.  If your embroidery file is in another file type, please email it to you prior to ordering to be sure that our embroidery machines can read your file.

*If you are unsure, please select "Complete Logo".  We will review your logo and then reduce the price of your order if your logo falls into the "Simple Logo" category.  This will also avoid delays in trying to contact you prior to increasing the price of your order.  The Digitizing Fee Covers the Cost of...

        • Resizing - Your logo will be resized into a size that will look suitable for a saddle pad and the size will not exceed 200cm² (approximately 5"x4").  Please advise if you have another size in mind.  Or, please reference the USEF RULE BOOK for show rules regarding logos in competition.
        • Digitizing - Your logo will then be converted into a digitized format that will tell the embroidery machine where to stitch and what color to stitch.  This file will be sent to you upon order completion and is yours to keep.  You can reorder embroidery items at any time at a later date.  You can also send this file to another embroidery company because a (.dst) or (.emb) file are common files used in the embroidery industry.

4).  Choose a Thread Color... 

Select the thread color which best represents your logo.  If your logo has more than one color, continue reading... 

5).  Choose a Secondary Thread Color... 

Select the second color in your logo.  If your logo has more than two colors, please select additional colors by describing them in the "ADDITIONAL NOTES" section of this page.  Please note that additional fees might apply for complex logo designs.  We will notify you if your logo is considered "complex". 

6).  Choose Which Side of Saddle Pad to be Embroidered... 

The first side is included in the price and the second side is an additional price (but discounted).  Select the second color in your logo.  If your logo has more than two colors, please select additional colors by describing them in the "ADDITIONAL NOTES" section on this page.

7).  If Ordering Multiple Saddle Pads, We'll Need a Tiny Bit More Info... 

If you are ordering one saddle pad with embroidery, you are fine...Skip ahead.  If you are ordering More than one saddle pad, use this comment section to tell us which pad will receive the embroidery ordered on this page.  Otherwise, we'll have to hunt you down and that takes time, which leads to additional delays in processing your order.

Example#1:  Lets say you are ordering Qty 3 White Dressage Saddle Pads Plus Qty 1 Black All-Purpose Saddle Pad.  Use the comments section to tell us that the embroidery ordered on this page is for the Black All-Purpose Saddle Pad. 

Example#2:  Lets say you are ordering the same exact four pads as mentioned in Example #1.  However, this time you want all of the saddle pads to have the same exact embroidery.  For this, all you have to do is change the EMBROIDERY ORDER QUANTITY to Qty 4.  You can then leave the notes blank, we can figure out that the embroidery qty of 4 matches the qty 4 saddle pads in the order.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for processes the logo and for shipping. Shipping times could be slightly longer during busy seasons, so please contact us if you must have your embroidered pad by a certain date. Or, you can enter your "need by date" in the customer comments section of your order and we'll do our best to accomodate your request, but cannot guarantee any rush.

Sorry, but personalized pads are not returnable so please be sure to double-check all color and sizes prior to placing your order. Additionally, you can always contact us with questions.

* All logos are trademarks of their respective owners, and this item/product is offered as a convenience for their lawful use only, with proper permission from the copyright or trademark holders.  In other words, we can only receive permission to digitize something from the copyright holder.  For example, if you ask us to embroider the McDonalds® logo onto a saddle pad, we can only receive this request from McDonalds®, or you must prove that you have express permission from McDonalds® to digitize their logo.  You consent that all logos uploaded to this site are in compliance with all Federal and State Laws!  See https://www.copyright.gov/title17/ for more information.  You consent that the logo file you are uploading has your authorization and permission to use the copyrighted logos with the specific consent of the copyright or trademark holder.  Failure toobtain such permission is a violation under law.  In our continuing effort to provide our customers with the best and most efficient service, we are taking this opportunity to clarify the extent of our responsibility for the products/services we sell.

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    Fast service!

    Posted by Blue Ribbon on 14th Dec 2016

    We are very happy with these pads. The embroidery came out great and we are very excited to use these.